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Meet Master Chef Tony Nguyen...


Mekong Asian Bistro’s Owner and Master Chef, Tony Nguyen, first became interested in the art of cooking at the age of fourteen while watching his grandfather preparing authentic Vietnamese dishes in a small, southern Vietnam town called “My Tho”. This influence has become Tony’s desire to continue his grandfather’s footsteps in creating succulent dishes and entrees at his various restaurant establishments, with the latest being Mekong Asian Bistro located in Portland, Maine.

Tony has learned over the years that quality food was, and will always be, an essential ingredient to good living, no matter who you are, or where you are from.

His culinary philosophy and passion reflects the growing trend towards a multi-cultural society.  With that in mind, Tony’s exuberant and creative cooking style enables him to incorporate not only flavorful Vietnamese cuisine, but also Chinese and Thai dishes into his intriguing menu.  As one customer recently commented: “You walk into this place thinking that you’re gonna get some quick oriental fast food. Boy, I was wrong. I was not only so impressed with the available dishes the menu, but also by the warm atmosphere and friendly wait staff."


Come on by and endulge your taste buds and live the experience...

Master Chef Tony

Check out our newly-renovated dinning room and bar


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